Have your consumers gone online?

We can help retailers like you to bridge the digital divide and get a new chance to be involved in the digital economy - using your convenience stores.

Own.Solutions can help you deploy ready-made eService solutions that turn convenience stores into active participants of the digital economy and enable you to:

Attract more consumers

Attract more consumers by offering them new digital products

Increase profits

Increase profits and get back to the growth side

Integrate eServices

Integrate eServices without the extra costs, development risks, or need to establish an in-house technical support team

Create new digital products

Put your valuable market expertise to use in creating new digital products that your buyers need

Physical distribution and convenience stores are indispensable to the digital economy and the time has come for everyone to acknowledge that. Jumpstart the future by turning new digital challenges into new opportunities for growth.

Join our growing family of physical retailers, that already count over 20.000 locations across Switzerland, Austria, France, Scandinavia, Spain, and Germany.


Discover eServices within our ecosystem that already help retailers like you to participate in the digital economy and increase their profits:


New smartphone charging solution on-the-go, which is available for rent at convenience stores in our network and can be returned at the next shop.

Customers on the run can easily charge their phone batteries, while retailers get a chance to attract younger target groups and increase the number of buyers, as well as store visit frequency.

Our distribution network was crucial for Chimpy’s wide acceptance and popularity. More than one million rentals over the course of one year illustrate Chimpy’s impressive potential.



World’s largest hotel gift card travel program for retail and convenience stores that guarantees booking at more than 300,000 hotels, worldwide.

With its themes, communication and price points which can easily be tailored to a specific language, region or chain, zity.break creates customized travel packages, that are sold at convenience stores individually as giftbox, hanger box, or card-plus-carrier options.

For the brave who embrace the digital challenge. For the curious who discover untapped potential at every street corner.

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